Paris and London women collections details in the biggest existing size

It would be great to be able to avoid the topic, pretend it does not exist, but the reality is that the global coronavirus pandemic is affecting everything and fashion is no exception. Despite the Milan shows being cancelled or being held behind closed doors, Paris fashion week insisted it would go ahead, though everyone was keeping at a safe distance from others. Although collections are the result of months of research and reflection, not momentary situations, the shows still had an ominous mood. Many opened with all-black outfits, further amplifying the anxiety felt amongst the audience…..

Visions. Icons. Clothes as monuments. As works of art. Inventive, poetic compositions. London offers pure creative expression. It’s dreamy soul is on show. Bora Aksu pays homage to the abstract painting of Hilma af Klint. Enchanted girls walk the runway. The lilac and fleur-de-lis colours of avant-garde paintings are worn on the skin. Frills and ruffles convey the back-and-forth communication between interior and exterior. Dresses are ethereal, ultralight, ruffled by an invisible creative force. Pale girls glide over the Erdem runway. They are dressed in silver and covered in opulent fabrics. Reminiscent of a distant Pierrot, lost inside bubble garments and covered in shimmers. Simone Rocha’s girls are dressed in waves of white fabric…..