Paris and London women collections details in the biggest existing size

At a time in which a 16-year-old girl is reminding us all of our minor and major responsibilities towards the climate emergency, the fashion industry is bringing the debate straight to the runways, with designers beginning to offer sustainable alternatives. Aside from having to be seen as being committed to this issue, sustainability is doubtless a great opportunity for creatives as it challenges them to reinvent themselves and their work, rediscovering certain values that the profession could have risked losing sight of. We are talking about the values of craftsmanship, respect for manual skills, appreciation of the contribution every craftsperson makes towards a garment…..

London is theatre. It is materials and colours. It is all about innovation, experimentation and renewal. The stage set behind the curtain. The show. London welcomes the arts and embraces inspiration. It incorporates opera, music and dance. The gestures of the body. Light and shade. Stage, stalls, circle, the shadowy orchestra pit. Veiled women enter the stage enveloped in tulle and organza. These are Simone Rocha’s women. They walk inside an 19th century Victorian theatre. They tell of Irish culture, looking pretty, pale and yet dark at the same time. Wearing the mystery of an ancient song, they enact the traditional ‘Wren Hunt’…..