Paris and London women collections details in the biggest existing size

The bourgeoisie, the class that has always been synonymous with social conventions and traditions, stamped its authority on the Paris runways, somewhat unsurprisingly. The explanation for this desire for normality and security could lie in the current atmosphere in France, which has seen riots on the streets of the capital similar to the days of ’68, with the not very idealistic but very pragmatic gilets jaunes demanding more social justice. A reaction to the chaos, a sort of restoration of that minimal, no frills fashion, an expression of cleanness, rigour, seriousness, juxtaposed against all the streetwear and sportswear on show. And yet…..

London is elevation. Lifting. Ascending. It launches itself in a spiritual, ethical journey upwards. Skyward. Towards the future. It is vertical. It seeks out experimentation and innovation. It shuns the codes of previous seasons and strips them of all frills. It abandons the superfluous. It goes understated. The dress is the protagonist of the winter. It is the means of elevating materials to pure heights. It is plain, devoid of embellishments and far from any excess. It is ascetic, monastic, minimalist and monochrome. It teams silence and meditation…..