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Milano, Paris, New York and London women collections details in the biggest existing size


The clearest impression from the recent shows is that designers approached these collections by looking back at the annus horribilis the fashion industry and the entire human race have endured and projecting their emotions onto a future that looks tantalisingly close. A tomorrow that we are looking forward to with all the left energy we can muster. The meeting point on the timeline is marked by looks that match our need to restart living a normal life, as far as possible, and the legacy of a collective drama that saw us increasingly seeking the comfort and ease of loungewear. The essence released pervades us with a light breeze endowed with the history of mankind, dipping into the instincts, the delights and the needs of the contemporary self. A union of intents resulting in fluid style trends, with the possibility of drawing on each of them or all at the same time, in absolute freedom.
Primitive provides a no-filters look at the desire to dress eccentrically, to show off at all costs using the original and best source of inspiration: nature at its fiercest and most brutal. Mimesis is a spontaneous call as wearing animal prints and primitive elements reminds us of the age-old dilemma: is nature the closest of allies or the cruellest of enemies? The evolution goes also through fun, which is the distinctive feature of Let’s Groove: dancing to relax the body, expressing oneself to free the mind, in a first irrepressible step to restart the dance of life, a kaleidoscopic act of frenzied emancipation to leave behind the darkness that has repeatedly overcome us. A journey to look forward and work towards lost aspirations: a radiant overview of what is to come…..

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