Milano and New York women collections details in the biggest existing size

The future comes to life on the Milan runways. A future imbued with sustainability. A necessity, a turning-point. Ecology is the new textile, material and aesthetic philosophy. It unites harmony and functionality, responsibility and innovation, tradition and ethics. It renews, transforms, shapes, moulds, doses and balances.
There is a return to simplicity. Fashion is revealed in its Essence. Garments are stripped of all frills and fuss. Excess is shunned. Linearity and cleanness are the order of the day. Minimalism is spontaneous and balanced. It is all about relaxed volumes, sharp tailored cuts, rigorous profiles and geometry. Raw materials are premium quality and natural. Linen, cotton and gauze are the favourites. Sharp tunics and outerwear, lime white and slate-grey suits prevail. Colours are neutral, muted and controlled. A sober, immutable style is evoked…..

New York Fashion Week has been shortened from a week to a packed five-day event.
The change was announced following Tom Ford’s appointment as Chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in June, replacing Diane von Fürstenberg. The Texan designer has wasted no time since getting his new job. In addition to cutting the event by two days, he has also shaken up the organisation’s board of directors, bringing in Virgil Abloh, among others, for a more inclusive, diverse approach. He has also introduced discounts for buyers and foreign press and locations beyond the East River, such as the Brooklyn Museum for Tory Burch’s show…..