All the best accessories of the fashion shows in the biggest existing size

Beyond space and time, the accessories for Autumn/Winter 2020.21 are off the chart. A season of contrasts that knows how to get noticed whilst keeping a low profile. Half measures are out the door, while influences from different eras, lines and colours, materials and intentions are in. There are lots of vintage references. Diving into the past to find a femininity tinged with touches of childhood or reworked with the aesthetic force and elegance of a real lady. Colour registers the changing times, underlining styles and highlighting contradictions with confidence. Natural tones alternate with extreme, bold tints with bright accents, for escaping a grey winter. Simple neutrals and classic dark tones also make an appearance. The bags and shoes in Disproportions break the standard rules. Tote bags or mini bags come in XXL or XXS sizes. Boots rise to just below or above the knee and come in soft, gathered styles. The Baby Girls trend looks back to childhood and early adolescence…..