Clothes that take a stance. Transmit ideas. Protest. Clothes that talk, that shout, “More democracy”. Clothes for combative queens and militant angels that daringly paraded inside St John’s Church in Smith Square under fluttering flags depicting red lips and the message “Homo Loquax”. Vivienne Westwood composed a textile manifesto to save the world from climate change. She shaped her appeal in cloth form. She raised her voice. The language was unisex. The question “Evolution?” was written on a gathered white apron. A printed T-shirt read, “We sold our soul for consumption”. A spade symbol on a blue sweatshirt. A whirl of prints and colours included roulettes, graffiti, scribbles, playing cards, and stripes. Draping, bows and ribbons, pinstripe suits, formal suits, bodysuits, patent and leather combat boots played with combinations and contrasts. It was a manifesto in crimson, peach, olive, sulphur yellow and smoky grey.