Vivetta’s clothes were like dolls’ dresses. Like treasure-troves. Wunderkammer dresses in lace, brocade, tulle, velvet and upholstery. Clothes with a wealth of floral patterns – roses, buds, white bellflowers, herbs, delicate shoots, laurel sprigs, leaves, berries. And as such, they were filled with unexpected surprises – teddy bears, oversize bows, soft flounces, wide-brimmed hats decorated with pearls, earrings similar to crystal chandeliers. Puff and balloon sleeves were paired with plissé and airy transparencies. Mirrors and little embedded stones reflected the light. Patchworks of vanilla, powder pink, apple tree blossom, fleur-de-lis and intense green provided a wealth of colour. Blouses featured big collars and hanging ribbons. Cushion-coats in padded faux fur were made from embroidered satin pillow cases. Loose outerwear, similar to portable houses, were wonderful places ideal for fairy tales in cloth.