Layered minimalism. Victoria Beckham celebrated the tenth anniversary of her brand with a collection focused on whiteness and cleanness, and layering. Dresses and skirts were worn over super-slim trousers, which had a V-shape split near the ankle. For a sophisticated yet never banal woman. The blazer was the iconic piece of the collection. All white, flawless, loose-fitting yet clearly elegant. Elsewhere, it was flared in beige or burgundy red. Or else more rigorous, with clean, sharp lines but printed with little meadow flower buds. Perfect tailoring construction. This was teamed with flared, asymmetric, floaty dresses with low necklines and colourful rope belts around the waist. The silk tank tops were a homage to femininity, with fine lace edges adding a touch of decoration to the pure minimalism. In ultramarine, vermilion and safari colours.