Twenty years after the tragic death of her brother Gianni, Donatella paid homage with a collection in pure Versace style, featuring iconic prints and a re-assembly of past codes for a new generation of consumers. The show opened with long and short pinstripe suits with statement shoulders and, in some cases, panels of contrasting fabric inset into blazers and/or trousers. Optical or ‘frame’, ‘ballet’ or ‘angel’ designs from the brand’s archive were printed on silk shirts but also on quilted blousons and bombers worn with black cargo trousers or pyjama-suits. Pastel T-shirts were emblazoned with a white logo, deluxe tracksuits featured a crown embroidered with beads and crystals on the sweatshirt, while delicate cropped twin-sets were like a bolt from the blue in such a masculine, passionate collection that looked to the past but also stayed focused on the present and the future.