“Romanticism,” Pier Paolo Piccioli said, “it’s a strength today, if you’re able to be assertive but not aggressive.” These words accompanied a Valentino collection of fluid lines that ranged from black and white looks to bright tints, symbolising a marked understanding of colour. Minimal, boxy yet always sleek shapes alternated with richly embellished pieces that never looked overloaded because the work was controlled and light. Almost all were long dresses, capes and cloaks, some with gathered hoods, with giant flowers extending over the entire piece or in intense shades of monochrome green, fuchsia or sky blue. The dresses were mainly tunics with scalloped edges that further elongated the silhouette, high or Pierrot-style collars or else one-shoulder with a long matching scarf. The necklines became lower later in the show, for princess gowns in which flowers duetted with shine.