Black Mountain College was an innovative college set up in 1933 near Asheville in North Carolina. It taught the arts with an experimental, progressive approach that has always fascinated Tory Burch. Though it stayed open for just 24 years, the designer loves its “sheer creativity” and the confluence of different artists so much that she dedicated this romantic yet exuberant collection to it. The show teamed fluid dresses and vivid floral prints with shearling of different lengths and, in one look, a long down jacket with a contrasting lining. Alongside these exuberant shapes and embellishments were more severe double-breasted coats with gold fasteners and checked tailoring, while cardigans, skirts and jackets featured motifs reminiscent of the geodesic designs of Fuller, one of the college’s artists. Patchwork leather boots provided the perfect complement to this artsy collection.