Tommy Hilfiger chose speed and the thrill of competition. The runway was turned into a Formula One racecourse. The models were gutsy female drivers and motorcyclists. They wore oversize mechanic’s overalls, jumpsuits and dungarees, chequered-flag swimsuits, super-slim racing leather trousers in electric colours and styles. Biker jackets were cropped and given sharp lines, stiff shoulders and tight sleeves. Bombers were covered with zips and patches. Tops were teamed with wide-leg sweatpants. There were plenty of casual touches such as printed T-shirts, irregularly cut shirts, unexpected stripes, minute and ironic prints. The Tommy Hilfiger logo was printed in new graphics all over denim overalls. The palette included all the colours of the American flag – red, white and blue with touches of black, sea blue, green and khaki.