You only had to look at the clothes on the runway to see the influence of the sea in Sportmax’s simple yet sophisticated collection. The Emilia-based brand drew inspiration from Kusukazu Uraguchi’s photography book “Shima no Ama”, which explores Japanese women pearl divers, dressing them to carry out the ancient activity today. Shades of blue together with fish patterns and red and white, sometimes mixed together, harked back to a maritime mood that influenced the entire collection, even the cotton, linen and jersey materials. Skirts were knee-length while trousers were loose and fell to the feet or ankles. There were no transparencies and sporty elegance was favoured over seduction: a bare midriff kept the navel covered and bare legs were shown only in shorts. A parka provided ideal protection against the wind and rain. Lots of drawstrings were cinched to pucker the clothes like waves on the sea.