Sportmax focused on surfwear. The brand showed hyper-dynamic clothes suitable for catching the perfect wave, gliding over calm waters and anticipating wind currents. Jackets covered the shoulders to protect from sea breezes. Dresses were long and body-con with a sporty appeal, dotted with sequins and ergonomic stripes. Pencil skirts and shorts were paired with sweatshirts or wetsuits. Mini-dresses resembled scuba diving gear, with windproof jackets tied around the waist. Tailored outfits came with an athleisure twist. Transparencies had the consistency of water. The raincoat was a mix of cotton and nylon. The parka was double-face, monochromatic or striped. Swimsuits were crocheted. Zips and elastic cords added a gutsy touch to the looks. Prints and graphics were reminiscent of surfboards. Jersey dresses had a more refined side, with plissé effects and expanses of intense electric blue, steel and coral.