Sportmax was looking to the future. The show was all about innovation. It mixed classicism with dynamism. Tailoring was the focus: feminine and futuristic, it played daringly with unexpected compositions. Trenches were convertible hybrids with built-in leather gilets. Coats and bombers came in new shapes with oversize curves at the shoulders. Dresses were fluid and comfortable. Pleated or wraparound mid-calf length skirts had daring splits. Knitwear featured bright colours. Sportswear influences and athleisure accents were injected into light padded nylon dresses, quilted shirts with graphic motifs, and baseball caps and sneakers. Synthetic fabrics alternated with pinstripe, striped and herringbone tailoring. Wool, leather, shearling, and matt and glossy surfaces were also included. The palette was grey with delicate touches of white, beige, champagne, sage, sand and leather.