At Sonia Rykiel’s 50th anniversary celebration, models were seen smiling or even laughing on the runway! To help launch the party, creative director Julie de Libran invited none other than pop group Bananarama to sing live. De Libran looked to the cultural and musical movements of her youth, from post-punk to new wave and pop – symbols of expression and liberation of her personality, as Sonia Rykiel’s fashion has been for so many women. The brand’s signature pieces were reinterpreted with nods to the ’60s and ’90s grunge and everything in between: tailored coats and outfits with cheeky cuts, new zips, decorative studs, cloaks, tartan berets and maxi scarves seen in a formidable hyper-colourful quartet, knitwear teamed with leather skirts and trousers, bright lurex dresses and a sequinned finale.