In her latest show, Simone Rocha made an assessment of her career so far. She did so by referencing herself and proposing fashion suited to all generations, from grandmothers to granddaughters through independent mothers. The choice was to relay this energy through an ultra-feminine collection beginning with a military edge, with green outerwear and jackets packed with pockets, buttoned up to the neck and cinched with belts. These women had no need to bare their flesh: their multi-layered outfits revealed their power and elegant rigour in the abundance of velvet, fur, lace and tulle. Floral patterns and rhinestone embellishments added softness to the clothes, as did the maxi bows, loose sleeves and Victorian collars. Predominant black was brightened by flashes of red or glimmers of rhinestone. Light came from the cream and virginal white used for romantic uniforms.