Uneasy and unsettling women walked for Simone Rocha. They were like girls observed and spied on through a keyhole, taken from the voyeuristic photographs of Miroslav Tichý. They wore tight, languid satin bras with embellished underwire and red sequins. The show was about intimacy and invasion of privacy, eroticism between innocence and darkness. Louise Bourgeois’ black crowns were worn on the head and her spider-web embroideries appeared on the clothes. Femininity was nestled inside voluminous, rich clothes. Coats with convulsed, virtuous lines featured floral prints and scarlet touches. Double-layer trenches in transparent or honey colours. Dresses with fluttering ribbons, shiny appliqués, gathers, fabric nipped and tucked, puff sleeves, nocturnal or epidermal shades of powder pink, vanilla, and antique blue. It was a heady femininity, delicate and by turns worrying, tender, sensual and noir. An expression of private unease.