It is a time for drama, depth and shade. Simone Rocha’s women in this show had the consistency of oil paints and the ancient beauty of a John Constable painting. They were tragic dark dames in voluminous, sculptural dresses. Dark maidens wrapped in fluctuating ribbons and bows. Handmaids lost in a winter landscape, clothed in warm knit gloves and black fur coats. But a glimmer of light appeared: golden dresses with filaments and fringes, bright brocades, sudden sparkles, red patent and vivid tartan, petal and rose prints, floral embroidery in intense colours. A whirl of lace, satin and organza built up in many transparent layers made for sinuous shapes, big airy sleeves, and mysterious combinations. Simone Rocha’s collection turned out to be thick with pathos and imbued with a sense of magnetic poetry.