Rossella Jardini’s woman is romantic and eccentric in an infinite metamorphosis. Reworked military jackets, field jackets, trenches and coats had a craftsmanship feel, giving the pieces a bit of history. Vintage neck scarves, retrieved passementerie, vintage lace, golden tassels, touches of fur, eyelets, and regimental crests made up an original, hyper-feminine fresco. Outerwear became a means of expression, featuring basket weave-effect ribbons, metal buttons, golden tassels, and white pearls. Follow me was marked out in glossy red cord on the back of a jacket, inviting the onlooker to follow this unique, inimitable, casual and chic style. Pleated skirts, white shirts and big bows at the neck completed the look. The colour palette included camouflage green, khaki, crimson and navy blue. These were contemporary heroines with a bold personality.