Rick Owens is not only an unconventional designer; he is also very attentive to current social issues. If his last collection referenced the refugee crisis, this one, although more obliquely, focused on the #MeToo movement and, in particular, on the accusations from Christine Blasey Ford against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. His platoon of women, who resembled something between a warrior and a priestess, paraded with metal scaffolding headpieces, which were sometimes paired with large mask glasses. The clothes were protective armour – how else could you describe the spikes emanating from collars and sleeves or the long narrow boxes wedged into the waistbands of denim mini-skirts with giant bumbags? Other models carried torches and wore long dresses full of geometric cut-outs revealing the underwear, reminiscent of a Statue of Liberty emerging from a strenuous battle in defence of lost freedom. All very topical.