The long-standing Scottish brand took its history and made it extraordinarily up-to-date by presenting a rustically refined collection. Pringle of Scotland is obviously designed for city women but the selection of materials, colours and lines had an air of a Sunday afternoon picnic in the countryside about them. Long ribbed knit tank tops had grandad shirt-style buttons and came in solids or colourful stripes. Buttons were often decorative rather than functional, as were the knots used to add movement to dresses and pretty shirts. White exploded in all of its naturalness: incorrectly fastened cardigans uncovered the shoulders, knitted dresses, drawstring jumpsuits and maxi T-shirts looked borrowed from the underwear drawer. Patchwork was used discreetly on tartan dresses and in comfortable denim outfits. Patterns included check and gingham and yellow and blue featured in the colours. It goes without saying that wool was the main material.