Keyword: heritage. But also intarsia and interweaving. Fran Stringer showed the more romantic, modern side to Pringle of Scotland. She opened the archives and reworked some of the brand’s classics. Lozenges and argyle patterns played with patchwork effects, alternating solids with checks and floral motifs. Scottish roses in ultramarine and sky blue were immersed in white wool, appearing as vintage-style intarsia on knit pieces or as new prints on denim and cotton shirts. Secret gardens, with lilies and camellias, blossomed on oversize cardigans, stretch knit dresses, midi length skirts and turtlenecks. A tartan trench fell all the way to the feet. The lion logo was enlarged and all in white. Tight cardigans and pleated knit skirts chose the monochrome. The summer collection played with some bold tints, such as lilac, royal blue, bright red and intense yellow.