Melting ice. Water. Liquid atmosphere. The ascetic creatures of Pringle of Scotland paraded alongside glacial sculptures in the basement of Victoria House in Bloomsbury Square. The collection paid homage to raw materials, to noble yarns, weaves and fabrications. It was a call to the memory of the brand’s first clothing, made two hundred years ago. It was about the poetry of the timelessness of cashmere. Fran Stringer dipped into the archives to produce understated, simple, functional and comfortable pieces. The chevron motif referenced sixties skiwear. Little argyle knits resembled those worn by golfers in the eighties. Tartan invaded high-waist trousers and skirts inspired by kilts. Knitwear highlighted the purity of materials: cloaks and jumpsuits in solid hazelnut or milk-coloured cashmere, a cropped sea blue cardigan, skilfully knitted bustiers built into high-neck dresses. A return to the brand’s roots.