It is a collection that speaks the language of rocks. The wild nature of crags and ledges. It has the charm of irregularly shaped semi-precious stones, nostalgic and strong. Scottish agate was used as the leitmotiv for Pringle of Scotland’s winter collection. Slivers, fragments, jewelled brooches, made in collaboration with Gala Colivet-Dennison, were placed on soft hand-knitted wool pieces. They were spread over brushed mohair surfaces, blending in as they do in the harsh peaks and plains of Scotland. The materials unfolded like clearings: jacquard in two-colour lozenges, double-face cloaks, cardigans with little geometric motifs, sheepskin-effect woollens, airy rustic yarns. There were also some sporty pieces and daring touches, such as athleisure style and leopard print trousers. The mixture of colours recalled the earth, rocks, sand, mud, the deepest blue and the paler tint of a river.