The girl has grown up and is aware of her sensuality. Lorenzo Serafini has pulled broderie anglaise lace and needlework down from the attic and, despite fastening, tightening and buttoning up the clothes, manages to call his woman’s modesty into question. All those corsets, bows at the neck, sheaths and copious ribbons just made you want to untie them. It was as if the lingerie was so beautiful that it had to become the focal point of the entire collection. Yet no one will mind the panties, slips, bed jackets and negligee on show around the city. Long floaty chiffon dresses billowed gently, revealing other transparencies. Even though immersed in this dreamy atmosphere, she isn’t asleep. A pony skin duster coat with fringes, black lace and cowboy boots added a rock’n’roll touch to everything.