Mysterious, magnetic: Lorenzo Serafini’s muse was Tina Chow. The model and Eighties icon, daughter of a German father and Japanese mother, a symbol of different, fascinating cultures and influences. A woman with a strong personality and androgynous style. This collection inspired by her featured brazen girls with a fresh, à la garçonne mood wearing little scarves tied at the neck, jumpsuits, dungarees and military garb paired with oriental shirts with delicate floral prints and precious touches. The obi belt, worn by men and women in Japanese culture, was the leitmotiv of the collection. It was tied harmoniously around uniforms with new wave stripes, mini-dresses with loose sleeves, kimono-shirts, and soft printed dresses. Finally, blue and white nautical style dresses evoked a sober femininity. The colours were bold – lacquer red, China blue, jade green, black and white.