Not one but three sources of inspiration for Francesco Ragazzi at Palm Angels, which produced a very athletic collection with a rave edge. But first we have to take a step back: last spring Ragazzi worked with the band Swedish House Mafia on a merchandise drop at Miami Music Week with accessories such as Matrix-style micro-sunglasses, neon tints and chest bands that paid homage to electronics. They all turned up in this collection. Prints of geographical maps and snow-laden pine trees, or an eagle soaring over a stars and stripes flag, highlighted a certain idea of America tied to Yosemite National Park and its mountains. There was also the collaboration with American brand Under Armour, which specialises in performance apparel. So there were hooded sweatshirts, technical trousers, shorts and T-shirts in so-called ‘Recovery’ fabric, which was also the name of the collection.