Staged at Cinecittà Studios, Moschino’s co-ed show was inspired by Fellini films, which Jeremy Scott loves because they are surreal, exaggerated, “otherworldly”. The looks reflected the characters in several of the director’s films, from ‘Satyricon’ to ‘8 ½’, ‘Casanova’ to ‘Roma’ and ‘La Dolce Vita’, with tailored suits and coats featuring ancient Roman raised engravings and blazers with built-in sashes that fell to the floor like cloaks. Centurion accessories, such as armour and metal belts, were worn over sweatshirts and shirts, while mythological creatures and emperor heads were used as decorative motifs on neck scarf prints. There were also jewelled tracksuits with metallic gold embroidery or ‘trapped’ inside gold mesh, while the finale, a dinner suit made up of a biker jacket, a fluffy white tutu and combat boots, was worthy of Fellini’s most grotesque films.