Michael Kors found inspiration for his new summer collection in Bora Bora and Tetiaroa, in Polynesia. The bright colours and summer joy in the 54 looks were all about beach life, beginning with the first look: a brightly-coloured shirt and midi skirt worn with rope platform sandals and a soft wide-brimmed hat. That outfit was followed by shorts and T-shirts, mini-dresses of various styles, sundresses, little fringed skirts and, naturally, swimsuits and bikinis. For cooler days, there were cashmere sweaters, sweatshirts, faded denim pieces and zipped jackets, plus the odd metallic brocade and lace piece, such as a white jumpsuit with Seventies flared trousers. Backpacks, cloth bags, cloche hats and elegant beach towels worn over the shoulders completed a day at the beach.