The ’70s are still massively on-trend and American designers, or those with a little history behind them, are happy to draw from it, especially because they lived through that decade. Michael Kors, for example, remembers his nights at Studio 54 and that glamour fills him with optimism, which translated into layered looks topped with feathers and faux fur. Dresses came in various lengths but all had shine, produced by satin, sequinned or metallic surfaces decorated with floral motifs or covered in long fringes, deep V necklines or layered over sailor striped knits. They were paired or alternated with tailored pieces, comfortable yet structured blazers, coats in classic menswear fabrics, and military-inspired jackets. Kors secured the rights to the Studio 54 logo, using it plentifully throughout, while another legend of the era, model Patti Hansen who must have spent many a night at the club, closed the show.