Marco de Vincenzo’s collection was inspired by ’50s postcards of the sea. The designer loves to start with the fabric in his creative process and he succeeded in his bid to sketch out his clothes using ruches, hemlines, bows and especially fringes. His ability to transform the look of dresses, jackets and coats with simple cotton threads is extraordinary. There were no smooth surfaces in this collection; just movement created by pleats, cuts and stripes. The details were never banal and drew attention to the extensive research: just take a look at the maxi collars, asymmetric shirts, the work on the sleeves, such as the short ones with cuffs or the lace ones, and the seascape on the sleeveless trench. There was a great deal of confidence in the use of colour, despite the daring combinations of patterns. For the evening, a kaftan-dress in rust-coloured sequins had a visible striped lining.