Marco de Vincenzo paid homage to an eccentric American aunt who visited him in Messina when he was a boy. Childhood memories pervaded the collection. The clothes and accessories explored USA style, but Sicily remained the primary inspiration. Black retro lingerie and pop-socks recalled the island’s aesthetic and were glimpsed under romantic, sensual lace dresses in pink tones. Shiny Charleston dresses were covered with bright fringes and cascades of multi-coloured sequins. Midi length skirts with delicate plissé were paired with oversize sweatshirts and polo shirts featuring ironic images of pet toys. The prints were playful, pop and optical, with maxi portraits of animals, poodles and lambs. A series of all-black looks were edged in multi-coloured crystals. Sicily was also represented with large cross necklaces. Bags featuring portraits of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe brought America closer.