Marco de Vincenzo explored last century’s fashion to imagine the future. The references were clear, but there was no preference for certain types. The youngest onlookers, not having been there at the time, had the chance to see everything through today’s eyes, enjoying the combinations as though they were new. There was so much on the runway: the colours, fabrics and prints were combined with confidence, refusing all dogma. Pleats were rigorous and insinuated horizontally on the rather long skirts, leather trousers were high at the waist and wide at the hips, dresses were enveloping. It was hard to take in such an extensive mix of tartan and stripes. Fringes, animal patterns and designs helped make de Vincenzo’s swirling whirl of a collection. Juxtaposed against this explosion of creativity were lunar landscapes on faux fur coats: they looked like paintings to be worn.