Narrative and naïf, Marco de Vincenzo’s collection travelled through childhood memories in front of a Technicolor TV screen. However, his clothes claimed there was no signal: the cathode tube switched off, the set stayed silent, no wi-fi, social media or apps, the battery was flat. The show celebrated unplugging as an opportunity to really look at the world and discover the wonders of every day. Enlarged pixel prints depicted Antonello da Messina’s Annunciata and other paintings. Nature also featured: buds appeared as sea blue, green, red, sparkling and intarsia checks. Marco de Vincenzo was going for a relaxed Sunday atmosphere: light slip dresses, faux fur with interior design textures, dressing-gown coats, impalpable blouses and skirts, glittery down jackets, silk, lurex, nylon pieces, childish, naive colours, yellow, sea blue, and rainbow.