Streetwear fused with rock and punk was the order of the day for Mihara Yasuhiro, who re-proposed some of his ‘greatest hits’, including oversize overcoats with mesh insets, frayed denim jackets and tracksuits with prints and lettering. As well as the outerwear, everything from hooded sweatshirts to sweaters with extra-long sleeves to jeans came in extra-large volumes. Jeans had rips or frayed hems or patches and other types of appliqués, which also featured on biker jackets, checked shirts and T-shirts. There was lots of lettering and slogans such as ‘#nothing’ or ‘Blank Mirrors’ (a reference to an imaginary band created by the designer for this collection), a stratagem that nodded to these virtual times in which distinguishing the real from the unreal is an arduous task.