Nicolas Ghesquière renewed his Louis Vuitton contract this Spring, which is perhaps why he showed a collection that explored his deepest obsessions, i.e. the futuristic forms of his early work. Beginning with the setting, in the courtyard of the Louvre, where recent Vuitton collections have been staged, everything was about the virtual reality that, according to Ghesquière, we experience through our social media streams and its relationship with real life. The first looks were printed mini-dresses with images of colonies founded on distant planets, with spacesuit-like sleeves, sometimes worn with a blazer with wide pointed lapels or a gilet-jacket with drawstring-adjustable sleeve length. These were followed by cargo trousers with elastic cuffs or side stirrups paired with blouses and shirts with more very voluminous sleeves, then more fluid patterned or sculptural mesh mini-dresses embroidered with sequins. The finale was a trio of ‘spacesuits’ in metallic floral jacquard. While there are flowers, there is hope.