There is a gap between non-formal and non-casual in which things merge. Lucas Ossendrijver for Lanvin likes exploring that gap and this time he did it by looking at the polarities between “night and day, soft and hard, flat and 3D” with clothes that came in eye-catching hybrids between the various categories of menswear. In a constant play of layering, there were T-shirts over T-shirts or shirts over shirts, some high-necked, other V-necked, and others cropped over extra-long ones, and so on. Technical jackets were layered over blazers, which had contrasting details such as utility pockets or topstitching. These details also featured on short or long, loose or slim trousers with big turn-ups or slit hems worn with sneakers or loafers with sneaker soles. Bags, mainly hand-held and large, were also technical and functional.