Junya Watanabe produced a wonderful surprise for his latest show, filling it with middle-aged or older men complete with silver hair, white beards and weathered cheekbones. The rule in fashion these days seems to be to do the utmost to please the very young, the Millennials and Centennials, but what about the more mature man? Even more surprising, the clothes were cool, meaning their sons will no doubt want to borrow them all. A slim blazer over a shirt worn outside the trousers, faded jeans with big turn-ups, hooded sweatshirts, a many-pocketed utilitarian jacket, and a striped sweater. And, naturally, whether it was a piece of outerwear or a pair of trousers, everything was a lived-in collage and worn as proudly as the faces and bodies of these so-called older men. Jacket sleeves came in contrasting fabrics, jeans had patches and rips, cardigans looked retro – in short, these guys looked much cooler than the younger generations.