Julien Macdonald’s lights exploded on the runway. They shimmered amongst the columns and stained glass windows of St John’s in Hyde Park. Sparkles of sequins and crystals, rhinestones, beads and little mirrors. Sinuous reflections of lamé, gold thread and copper and bronze tints. Flashes of crochet embroidery and fine fringes. Sensual metallic volutes, traces of light in the draping and fluid asymmetry, in the glossy, airy ruffles. Bright trails of python surfaces, snakeskin, zebra stripes, scale-like compositions and puckering. Long silver dresses and chainmail bodysuits that cover and reveal femininity. Transparencies, nude looks, daring splits, V necklines. Shiny trimmings, broad-shouldered silhouettes. In a palette that spanned all the metallic shades with flashes of cobalt, lemon, primary red and fuchsia.