John Richmond produced a collective image that incorporated and gathered together metropolitan quotations, iconography and subcultures. He mixed hip hop, new wave, punk and electro. His all-new, transversal combinations give rhythm and musicality to his research. He formulated a portrait of an iridescent, rock and irreverent generation that is always changing. This was expressed in the flounces and ruches bouncing on sparkly dresses alongside dragon prints and embroidery. Studded flowers, little cupids amongst the stars, skulls and swallows created an eccentric procession of images and suggestions. A tribute to David Bowie was found in fringed denim. Optical prints were paired with candy pink leather jackets, whose lapels featured an angel. Shirts were brazenly transparent, mini-skirts came in leather, trousers were shot through with zips, and necklines were deep. The colours were intense and metallic – fuchsia and aqua green, but especially black and denim blue.