Jasper Conran chose colour. Bold, energetic and vital. Intense, saturated and vivid. Daring. He chose orange, mandarin and acid yellow. Lime green, primary red and electric blue. He painted the chromatic rhythm of the new season in fuchsia and silver. He used colour as a manifesto for women’s rights activism. As an element of expression, breaking the mould, rebelling against rigour with splashes of paint. A militant code: a mini-dress featured big black letters on a white background declaring “Equality not minority”. Plastic weaves added shine to surfaces in intense shades of green, aluminium and metallic grey. Bright tailoring was enlivened with reflections, transparencies and overlapping. Prints, faces, numbers and stripes. A sporty touch came in the form of shiny oversize trousers, athleisure tank tops and a neon pink tracksuit.