Heron Preston is one of those designers who draws inspiration from American streetwear, with a close eye on social media, where he has a massive following. A DJ, artist and creative consultant of Kanye West, as well as a youth style icon, he is another enfant prodige in the vein of Virgil Abloh and his collections are packed with elements tied to American culture and society. His latest was inspired by the Instagram feed of the Transportation Security Administration, the US government agency for airport security. The clothes, which blended street aesthetic with workwear, came in the form of uniforms, cassocks, sweatshirts, multi-pocketed gilets, T-shirts and cargo trousers featuring branding and labels including a Cyrillic character logo of Securitas, the world’s leading private security firm. There was a lot of upcycled military-grade parachute nylon – a sign that Preston is focusing on sustainability.