Can a classic deluxe brand like Hermès succeed in showing a ‘normal’ and yet special collection, in which casual goes hand in hand with impeccable design and perfection? Véronique Nichanian defined the mood of the collection as “sophisticated letting go”, which encapsulated the painstaking cuts and details in combination with the relaxed shapes, the touch of sportswear playing down the formal suits. Visible stitching on jackets, shirts and trousers recalled workwear, contrasting stripes on thin knitwear created the optical illusion of the torso slimming at the waist, zipped technical jackets with and without a hood in glossy Toilbright fabric were worn under a sharp blazer or premium leather jacket. In short, everything was designed to tone down the luxury, even the use and combinations of colours, such as bordeaux-grey or bordeaux-brown, but an expert eye recognised and admired the quality.