It is always a challenge for a long-standing brand like Hermès to walk the fine line between heritage and trend. Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski managed it here by showcasing a deluxe outdoor collection that was modern and sure to appeal to the young. The opening look, and the next one, were already going in this direction. The outerwear, a chic compromise between a cape and a riding blanket, was worn first with a maxi blue sweater, black leather mini, orange tights and high lace-up boots, and second with a masculine shirt, classic trousers in salmon pink and the same boots. The subsequent exits mixed knitwear, often high-necked, or romantic blouses with leather pieces, some of which featured zips and corset belts. Then there were cropped jackets, loose trousers and fluid dresses in the brand’s signature neck scarf patterns.