Haider Ackermann says we are going through ‘strange times’ in which there is a certain fragility but also a positive side. This came across in the clothes with frequent dashes of bold, energetic colour, such as a bright orange silk tailored suit or a jacquard outfit embellished with delicate white floral embroidery. Sky blue opaque tights were paired with matching stiletto-heeled ankle boots with satin laces, in a combination made all the more striking because it came with a black vinyl zipped overcoat or a high-necked burnt sienna jacket with large pockets, while another matching jacket was tied around the waist in a kind of peplum skirt. An iridescent green overcoat was layered over a pink wraparound coat or a knit with hyper-glossy skinny trousers. The lean, elongated silhouette was pure Ackermann, but the colour made all the difference in this collection.