At Giorgio Armani you can be sure of two things: ‘greige’, the blend of grey and beige, and that other equally quintessential Armani piece, the jacket, which has been increasingly destructured in recent seasons. This show opened with greige in the form of a double-breasted duster coat over a soft yet crisp linen suit with soft darted trousers. Blazers came in infinite varieties, single and double-breasted, neutral or colourful, tortoiseshell print or jacquard, matching or separates, while the many classic menswear fabrics used included Prince of Wales, houndstooth and pinstripe. Even the more formal suits had a relaxed, soft look, as though ruffled by a sea breeze, and the light crew neck sweaters, loose bermuda shorts, multi-pocketed safari jackets and final white suits gave off a privileged holiday feel.