The title of the collection, “Charmani”, is Giorgio Armani’s manifesto this season. The great Italian designer wants to use fashion to launch a neologism about his own idea of charm and femininity. The woman imagined by King Giorgio is not a lover of excess. The jacket is the key piece: whether long or short, with small or no lapels, zipped or brightened for the evening. Without relying on the suit, the jacket is a standalone piece and can be paired with bermuda shorts or long, soft trousers. The colours were dark and centred on blue, though never overbearing due to the use of floral patterns reminiscent of Japanese prints. The lines were fluid and bountiful thanks to bows, fringes, bubble sleeves and puckered surfaces. Transparencies were discreet yet gave a sense of lightness thanks to organza. The evening brought a cascade of light, with the clothes embellished with crystals and sequins.