Genny’s women were icy goddesses. Cool, dream-like, fairy-tale divinities. Elegant, light snow priestesses wrapped in layers of organza and chiffon, like waves from the North Sea. Frosty caryatids dressed in crystals and stalactites. Ethereal creatures in white dresses with jewelled details, lightly woven sleeves and long gloves. Wrapped in soft white outerwear. Then, the frost melted and the clothes turned sea blue, dusty sky blue and fleur-de-lis. Fluid dresses fluttered, as though driven by currents. A ribbed suit was iridescent. Satin and draping were then tinged with warmer, even hot, red. But just for a moment because the big freeze then returned. An icy night called for dark dresses covered with spangles. The finale reflected the glimmer of dawn, bringing new light to an Arctic, poetic collection.